Libya’s NCDC to Conduct Community-Based Survey over COVID-19 Outbreak


On Saturday, the Head of Libyan National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Badr Al-Din Al-Najjar, announced that that the centre will be conducting a community-based epidemiological survey on Sunday to estimate the prevalence of the COVID-19 infection in the country.

In a statement, Al-Najjar said that the first stage will include the municipalities of Abu Salim, Souq Al Jumaa and Ain Zaara, which were identified by the monitoring teams as COVID-19 hotspots.

He added that the NCDC hopes to conduct an epidemiological survey nationwide to assess the spread of the deadly virus in Libya.

Al-Najjar pointed out that the centre will rely on the survey’s outcomes as a scientific guide to determine whether the country can ease its precautionary measures or not in the coming days.

It is noteworthy that the total number of cases infected with coronavirus in Libya is 64, including 28 recovered, 33 active and three deaths.

Several Arab countries have tightened restrictions on movement and travel to curb the spread of the virus. Trillions of dollars have been pledged in stimulus packages across the globe to reduce the economic repercussions of the crisis.