“Head of Qasr bin Ghashir: GNA Militias are Responsible for Cutting Water to Tripoli”


The head of the Executive Council of the municipality of Qasr bin Ghashir, Dr. Lotfy Al-Kabir, confirmed that the Government of National Accord’s bombing of the municipality, and the consequent damage, has led to the municipality’s inability to deliver water to the capital, Tripoli.

In press statements delivered on Saturday, Al-Kabir said that the damage caused by the systematic and indiscriminate shelling on the municipality had hit the headquarters of the Industrial River Administration, resulting in the interruption of water supply in Tripoli

He indicated that the bombing destroyed houses and killed civilians and utilities facilities. He stressed that the municipality had never been exposed to such attacks in previous wars.

Al-Kabir also pointed out the siege of civilians by armed groups who killed adults, children and animals, and destroyed the municipality, stressing that civilians’ only fault was their support for the Libyan National Army’s (LNA) goal to restore security and stability.

He added that most civilians have been displaced and their utilities cut, and called on the international community to stand for the protection of his country.