Libyan Authority Says: There Is No Specific Time for the Return of Water to Tripoli


The Industrial River Project Implementation and Management Authority in Libya has announced that it is difficult to determine a time for the return of water to Tripoli and other areas. It specified that resumption of water supplies will not be delivered before two days from now.

The authority revealed that the continuation of malfunctions is due to some technical problems that have not yet been solved.

According to the authority’s statement, the work to restart the wells within the “Hassoun system” is continuing in light of the noticeable rise in temperatures.

The General Electricity Company has announced the restarting of Industrial River Station Cards No. 1, which makes it easier for workers at the station to operate it, and then the flow of the river’s water pumping flow into the western region.

Last Thursday, the electricity was cut off in the western and southern regions, which resulted in the wells and pumping stations shuttint down.

The Industrial River Authority confirmed the continuation of the electricity outages in the southern and northern fields since May 9, which resulted in power outages at the power station (Industrial River 1).