France Committed to a Stable, Secure & Independent Libya

French Legal Adviser to the United Nations, Diarra Dime-Labille
French Legal Adviser to the United Nations, Diarra Dime-Labille

On Wednesday, French Legal Adviser to the United Nations, Diarra Dime-Labille said that a “permanent criminal court with a universal vocation is more necessary than ever to prosecute the perpetrators of the most serious crimes, and to break the cycles of violence at work in too many crises.”

Addressing the UN Security Council, the French diplomat said that the International Criminal Court (ICC) was “the pillar of the fight against impunity at the international level. It plays an essential role within the multilateral system.”

With regard to the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1970 on Libya, she reaffirmed that the “fight against impunity is one of the key elements in the resolution of the conflict, and reconciliation between the Libyan parties.”

“The prosecution and conviction of criminals are essential to the process of national reconciliation, and to the success of the political transition, which requires the restoration of trust between individuals and towards institutions,” Labille stated.

She added that France is still “concerned about the increased repression against civil society, and human rights defenders. As well as the pressure on judges and lawyers, which runs counter to respect for the rule of law, and hampers any consolidation of a democratic system in Libya.”

Labille reiterated that Paris will “remain mobilized in favor of a stable, secure, independent, sovereign, and united Libya. The full implementation of the 2020 ceasefire agreement is essential for the respect of human rights and the sustainable stabilization of the country. The continued presence of foreign troops and mercenaries and illegal militias fuels violence and impunity.”

“In this context, we fully support the mediation led by the UN, under the aegis of Special Representative Abdoulaye Bathily. In order to reach a viable solution to the Libyan conflict, which requires the constitution of a unified executive, able to govern throughout the country and for all Libyans,” the French diplomat stressed.

“The promise to the Libyan people of transparent, credible, and inclusive nationwide Presidential and Parliamentary elections must finally be fulfilled. Elections are the only way to re-establish lasting and indisputable political legitimacy,” Labille concluded.