Italy May Have Violated Embargo On Libya, Investigation Reveals


An investigative report revealed the illegal trade of cigarettes and medicines from Libya to Italy in 2018 in exchange for weapons repair, which might indicate that Italy has violated the arms embargo on Libya.

An investigation published by Italy’s “Il Fatto Quotidiano” found that ten Italian navy personnel, in addition to an official from the Libyan coast guard, were believed to be involved in the illicit trade.

An Italian Navy official who was part of the mission to Tripoli told prosecutors that he found Libyan authorities complaining about many of the weapons not working as expected, according to the report.

“We did the Libyan weapons repair, despite the embargo … if this comes out, it’s a mess … ” Marco Corbisiero can be heard saying in a wiretapping transcript that was heard in court. The Navy officer ended up in prison on May 11.

Reports said that moonlighting and false invoices are thought to have been used by the arrested Italian Navy officials and those involved in the trade to cover it up.