Ahmed Al-Baroudi holds his first personal exhibition in Germany.

The exhibition presents the experience of “Al-Baroudi” in photography, in particular by photographing with a mobile phone camera, for a group of photos taken at the popular market in Tripoli, known as (Friday Market).

In this exhibition, “Ahmed Al-Baroudi” presents a brilliant visual assortment documenting the movement of the Friday market, which was brimming with life, and he was able to use his phone’s camera to achieve visual narratives along the line, elements of his images that are all in different successive stories and with deep indications, Ahmed leaves everyone the opportunity to Reading the image according to his personal vision, but the general axis remains constant along the line.

Ahmad’s photos take moments from life that represent successive time lines, so the story does not stop at the borders of the cadres, but the journey continues with us to the next where the memory calls for similar images that we have previously lived.

The aesthetic significance in “Baroudi” images is not usually related to the effects of shadow and light, but rather the distribution of elements and angles of photography that transmit the eye in a smooth manner throughout the image from start to finish.