Tunisia’s Al-Nahda Reiterates Congratulations to GNA Despite Controversy


The Tunisian Nahda Movement reiterated its congratulations to the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) for capturing what it claimed were large parts of territory in Libya.

The latest statement by the Tunisian party ignores criticism received by Rashid Ghanoushi, Nahda’s President and the Speaker of Parliament, for making similar comments following the GNA’s capture of Al Watiya airbase.

Despite the Tunisian Parliament’s decision to hold an accountability session for Ghanoushi on June 3, Al-Nahda said in a statement released late on Saturday that it “congratulates the Libyan people and their internationally recognised government on their success in controlling large parts of the Libyan national territory, bringing security and reassurance to it”.

Ghanoushi faces many accusations related to his movements abroad and his mysterious contacts, especially with regards to Libya.

However, the Al-Nahda movement says that its President is facing a “malicious campaign of distortion and incitement”.