Military Airstrip Built in Residential Neighbourhood in Libyan Capital Tripoli


Satellite images have identified what is believed to be an airstrip and hangar in the center of the “Banana Project” neighborhood, south of Maitiga International Airport in Tripoli.

Military Affairs Writer at SDArabia Mahmoud Gamal said that the airstrip “is presumably used for operating & housing the Turkish made Bayraktar TB2 UAVs.”

“The GNA seems to be learning quickly from their past faults, as they likely have set up this airstrip to use it as an alternative to Maitiga International airport to operate drones”, Gamal tweeted.

This is due to Maitiga becoming “an easy and well known target for the Libyan National Army’s (LNA) artillery.”

Gamal said that the construction of the airstrip in a residential area would hinder LNA airstrikes.

He claims that GNA forces were using residential buildings as shelters for the Turkish UAVs.