Tunisian Official: Turkish Intervention In Libya Represents Direct Threat to Tunisia


President of the ‘Movement of Tunisia’s Project’ and former presidential candidate Mohsen Marzouk has claimed that siding with one side of the warring parties in Libya would adversely affect Tunisia.

He called on Tunisian President Qais Saeed to remain neutral in the Libyan conflict.

Speaking to Russian news agency ‘Sputnik’, Marzouk stated that Tunisia’s position on the Libyan crisis during the era of the late President Beji Kaid Essebsi was positive, in contrast to the current position.

He claimed that the movement was working hard to prevent Tunisia from being exploited by Turkey in its intervention in Libya.

In his speech, Marzouq described the deep divisions in Tunisia over Libya, adding that he would work to resolve them in the interests of the state.

“There is no doubt that the current Tunisian position will cause tensions with some Arab countries, but we continue to support international legitimacy and reject military intervention” he said.

Regarding the transfers of foreign fighters to Libya, Marzouq added, “There is no doubt that the process of transferring thousands of fighters from Idlib to Libya, only a few kilometers from Tunisia, constitutes a direct threat to Tunisia’s national security”.