Libya’s Council of Sheikhs Condemns Turkish Intervention in Libya


The Vice President of the Supreme Council of Sheikhs of Libya, Senussi Al-Zway, condemned the actions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Libya.

In a television interview, Al-Zway claimed that the current war was a lost cause for Turkey and its ambitions in North Africa.

“If they surrender and lay down their arms, we will ensure that they return to their lands unharmed, and if they refuse and go after their ambitions to occupy Libya…all the people of Libya will bear arms against Turkey.” he said.

“This is something that history knows, the Turks are not worthy of this war, and they do not realise that they are fighting the descendants of [Omar] Al-Mukhtar” Al-Zway added, referring to the legendary Libyan anti-colonial fighter Omar Al-Mukhtar.