German MP Voices Concerns About Turkey’s Intervention in Libya


Nils Schmid, a leader in the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), expressed his party’s concern over Turkey’s intervention in Libya, stressing that reaching a political solution required a cessation of foreign interference.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Schmid said that foreign intervention in Libya must be end to allow the UN resolution regarding the arms embargo on Libya to be implemented.

“We are very concerned about Turkish interference, just as we are concerned about the interference of other foreign powers. We need to stop this,” Schmid said.

“We want to get the full support of all our friends in the region who do not support anyone in the Libyan war,” he added.

The German official pointed out that there are many Turkish economic interests in Libya, noting that “many foreign powers are trying to get gas and oil there.”

“For this reason we need a stable Libyan government, and for this reason also we want to maintain calm in Libya, so that the Libyans themselves can make a decision about their gas and oil reserves. This decision should not be taken by others.” Schmid said.

“We want to see a commitment to the decisions of the Berlin Conference on Libya. Now all foreign powers must adhere to these agreements and stop arms smuggling to all Libyan parties” he added, stressing that a political solution cannot be reached in Libya, unless foreign interference ends.