Libyan Ambassador to EU Discusses Trade with Belgium


Libya’s Ambassador to the European Union, Jalal Alashi received the Secretary General of the Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ABLCC), Caesar Hijazi.

“He showed me the data on trade exchanges between Libya, Belgium, and European Union members. We discussed working to develop economic relations by organising visits and economic activities,” Alashi tweeted.

Notably, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) confirmed that Italy was the largest trading partner of Libya in the first eleven months of 2022.

ITA explained that the volume of trade between Italy and Libya amounted to €11.09 billion euros, an increase of 67.38 % compared to the same period in 2021.

It added that the Italian market share reached 23.19%, ahead of China, which recorded an increase of 9.22%, with a market share of €4.41 billion, and Greece which recorded 8.31%, with €3.97 billion.

The agency said that Italian exports to Libya recorded a 73.69 % growth, compared to the same period in 2021, reaching €1.94 billion and a market share of 13.11 %.

Italy, according to the ITA, ranked third in suppliers to Libya, with a total of €2.46 billion euros and 16.44 %. This is after both Turkey, with a market share of 16.64 %, and China with €1.97 billion and 22.49 % and a market share of 13.32 % compared to the first eleven months of 2021.

Greece and Belgium remain in fourth and fifth positions, respectively, with 11.78 % and 8.17 % market share. In contrast, imports to Italy from Libya grew by 66.1 % to €9.15 billion.

In 2022, Italy held first place for Libyan exports with a market share of 27.7 %, ahead of Spain (10.51 % and €3.5 billion), Germany (9.57 %and €3.16 billion), and China (7.39 % and €2.44 billion).