Libya’s Al-Mishri Rejects Calls to Readmit Syria to Arab League


The Head of Libya’s High Council of State (HCS), Khaled Al-Mishri claimed that “Libya refuses to normalize relations with the Syrian regime, which has carried out reprisals against its people.”

He also stressed that Libya “would not accept the return of the Syrian regime, led by Bashar Al-Assad, to the Arab League. Al-Assad has committed the most horrific crimes against the Syrian people.”

“There is a wave of normalization with the Al-Assad regime linked to international factors and changes. The recent visit of the countries of the region to the Al-Assad regime is another earthquake against Syria,” he said in an interview with Syria TV.

“No Libyan citizen sympathizes with the Al-Assad regime,” Al-Mishri added. He also expressed his disapproval of the contact made by the Libyan Foreign Minister, Najla Al-Mangoush with her Syrian counterpart, Faisal Al-Miqdad. “This is completely unacceptable, and we will take action against Al-Mangoush,” he explained.

The HCS Head pointed to the “tens of thousands of Syrians that died at the hands of the Al-Assad regime. It is better to sympathize with the Syrian people who were killed by the regime, not with those who committed dozens of massacres against them.”

Earlier this week, the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Ageela Saleh called for the lifting of sanctions on Syria, after the deadly earthquake hit the country.

During his visit to Damascus, as a part of Arab parliamentarian delegations, Saleh said Libya supports the Syrian people and its leadership.

“We came to confirm our solidarity and stand with Syria. We are in the frontline along with Syria’s supporters,” Saleh said during a meeting with Al-Assad. He noted that the Libyan Parliament supports the return of Syria to what he called the “Arab family.”

Saleg noted that he is “proud of the leadership of Bashar Al-Assad. I am proud to meet with Al-Assad, despite the conspiracies against him.”

According to the Libyan Parliament’s statement, on Sunday, Saleh’s visit comes to “confirm Arab support for the Syrian people, after the devastating earthquake.” The statement affirmed the need for “joint Arab action at all levels for Syria’s return to the ‘Arab family.’ “