Two Arrested After Video of Girl Being Abused in Misrata Emerges

Two Arrested After Video of Girl Being Abused in Misrata Emerges
Two Arrested After Video of Girl Being Abused in Misrata Emerges

The Libyan Attorney’s General Office announced the arrest of the kidnappers of a Libyan girl, days after a video circulated on TikTok for the victim while their kidnappers forcibly filmed her naked.

The statement added that the Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, directed investigations into the kidnapping of a twenty-year-old girl, East of the city of Misrata city.

“The Attorney General directed the relevant bodies to analyse the video, identify the perpetrators, and locate the place of the victim girl,” the statement noted.

The suspects have been identified, and two of the girl’s kidnappers have been arrested. The West Misrata First Instance Prosecutor interrogated the two defendants and ordered them to be remanded in custody.

This shocking incident coincides with International Women’s Day, as the usurping Government of National Unity (GNU), led by Abdelhamid al-Dbaiba promised to “promoting the women’s role in the society.”

Safety in Libya’s West and Tripoli, where the GNU controls, is continuously deteriorating, with threats of kidnapping and murder a daily occurrence for residents.

Over the years, kidnappings, arrests, and assassinations have increased substantially in western Libya. This is evident in the repeated statements of the Ministry of Interior, about the arrest of gangs and individuals involved in the kidnapping and extortion of expatriate workers.

Libya ranked fourth in the Arab world and 20th in the world among the countries with the highest levels of organised crime, according to the report of the Global Initiative to Combat Crime (GLOBAL INITIATIVE).

Murder has been a weekly occurrence, throughout the country. The number of extrajudicial killings in 2022 has surpassed 173 people. This is especially due to the proliferation of weapons and the inability of the security services to monopolise the possession of weapons.

In a separated context, the mother of the Iraqi actress who was arrested in Tripoli said that the GNU-backed Special Deterrence Force (SDF) was behind the “kidnapping” of her daughter, Dalia Farhood, from her home.

“She told me that she will be referred to the prosecution the next day. Since that day, I have not heard anything. She was kidnapped, and there was no arrest warrant,” she told the Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath channel.