“Tawergha Municipal Council condemns the attack on Al-Falah camp in Tripoli”


The Tawergha Municipal Council condemned the attack, which it described as “treacherous” against the Al-Falah camp in Tripoli by GNA affiliated armed groups last Thursday, and killed one of the city’s residents.

“The Municipal Council followed the conditions of the Tawergha displaced people in the camps and highlighted the misery and the grave violations they face that put their lives at risk and deprive them of security, safety and stability, while intimidation, and assassinations continue.” the Council said.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the treacherous and cowardly attack on Al-Falah camp for the displaced people of Tawergha on Thursday 28th May, by an armed group that resulted in the killing of one of Adel Hassan, in light of the security chaos, militia proliferation, the absence of the state and overall security in the western region.” the statement added.

“We call on the UNSMIL to transfer the correct image of the killing and looting of civilians in Tripoli and its environs to the UN and the Security Council, and to demand the authority in Tripoli to carry out its responsibilities in ensuring the security of citizens, restraining militias and activating the remaining security services.” the Municipal Council said.