RAB-3 Arrests Trafficking Leader In Dhaka


On Monday, a team from the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB-3) arrested Kamal Hossain, 55, a human trafficking ring leader from a house in the Shahjadpur area of Bangladeshi capital Dhaka around 5.15 am.

Kamal allegedly was involved with the trafficking of some 26 Bangladeshi nationals who were killed in Libya on 28 May.

RAB 3 Commanding Officer (CO) Lt Col Rakibul Hasan said that Kamal was one of the masterminds of the ring that trafficked the slain Bangladeshis in Libya.

“Kamal admitted that the deceased Lal Chand and injured Tarikul went to Libya with his help,” he added.

However, RAB believed that Kamal sent several others among the killed and wounded in Libya.

“The abductors received money through Kamal. He also pressured the families for the money,” he added.

“We got hold of Kamal’s bank account and found some abnormal transactions. We are looking into it,” he said.

Recently, law enforcement agencies have arrested another trafficker, Mohammad Baharul Alam, alias Bacchu Military, from Bhairab.

Thirty-eight Bangladeshis and a number of Africans were held hostage by Libyan human traffickers. They were being brought to Tripoli on 28 of May.

Members of the trafficking gang shot the migrants, leaving 26 Bangladeshis dead.

However, one Bangladeshi managed to flee and contact the Bangladeshi mission, informing them of the confrontation.