French Hypermarket Géant Opens First Branch in Benghazi


French retail behemoth, Géant Hypermarket International opened its first Libyan branch in Benghazi in January. It is the 114th Géant location globally.

A Spokesman for Géant Libya, Mohamed Mahfoud said the decision to establish a hypermarket branch in Benghazi was made because of “the city’s improved quality of life, strong economic growth, and stable security situation.” He said that there “was a strong motive to establish Libya’s first branch of this sort.”

For its part, the Géant Libya Company signed an investment agreement with the Benghazi municipality, granting it a regional licence to use the Géant name inside Benghazi specifically, and Libya generally.

Mahfoud disclosed that there is a plan to further grow in other cities. “The expansion will be carefully considered and carried out in accordance with a schedule that begins with getting the area according to the standards established by Géant.”

He stated that “there are various sections of goods in the Géant Benghazi hypermarket, including foodstuffs, home goods, kitchenware, meat, clothing, including sportswear, children’s toys, sports games, library equipment, stationery, a special section for workshop equipment, and a parking lot in the basement of the structure.”

Mahfoud emphasised the desire of consumers for “a sizeable integrated market that meets all of the demands of locals for a variety of goods, from reputable global brands.”

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