WHO inaugurates emergency operations centre in Benghazi to face (COVID-19)

Abstract blur hospital and clinic interior for background

The World Health Organization (WHO) has inaugurated a public health emergency operations centre (EOC) in Benghazi, Libya, in order to test for COVID-19 (otherwise known as “Coronavirus”).

The WHO emergency coordinator, Sanad Al-Majri, said that the EOC is provided by the international organization in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Al-Majri added that the EOC focuses on different types of disasters, including the spread of epidemics. All health sectors are ready and fully coordinated to face an emergency.

Recently, Tripoli’s Hospital media office denied reports circulating on local media regarding the presence of two patients with COVID-19 at the hospital, calling on media outlets to verify accuracy and credibility of their sources.

The Libyan National Center for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control previously said that no cases of COVID-19 have been detected in the country.