75 Migrants Arrive in Italy via Libya

75 Migrants Arrive in Italy via Libya
75 Migrants Arrive in Italy via Libya

The Geo Barents rescue ship, operated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) disembarked 75 migrants at the port of Naples on Thursday, according to Italy’s news agency, AKI.

The newspaper quoted security sources as saying that the port of Naples received the ship with 75 immigrants on board, including 40 minors and 13 women. They were rescued from a small wooden boat in international waters, near the coast of Libya, on Monday

The authorities on the Sicilian Island of Lampedusa have allocated a safe port for the docking of the Nader ship of the German humanitarian organization, Resqship. The ship rescued 41 migrants who were on a small boat in the Maltese search and rescue area.

A day before, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani warned of the escalation of the political and military situation in Sudan, despite a truce between the two parties.

He expected that migration flows to Italy, via Libya would increase in the coming weeks due to the ongoing unrest in Sudan.

“There is a state of extreme instability. Many (Sudanese) people go to Chad, and to neighbouring countries, like Egypt,” Tajani said. “Before they get to Italy they will have to go through Libya or Tunisia. it takes a lot to cope with it,” he explained.

“Migration flows are likely to increase in the coming weeks and months. But in the meantime, we are very satisfied with the return of the Italian citizens (from Sudan). I thank the crisis unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our Ambassador in Khartoum, our diplomats, and officials,” Tajani said.

The recent outbreak of conflict in Sudan will have a negative effect on the situation in neighbouring Libya, particularly in the southern areas of the country, according to the Economist Intelligence website.

On Saturday, Tajani stressed that halting the flow of “illegal” migrants is mainly linked to the improvement of the situation in Libya and Tunisia.

Tajani confirmed that they have “made great efforts at all levels to achieve security and stability in Libya.” He expressed Italy’s desire to “involve all influential countries in Libyan affairs to contribute to the establishment of peace and stability in the country.”

He indicated that “if the situation in Libya stabilises, this will reflect positively on the security of North Africa as a whole, and countries south of the Sahara.”

Notably, the Italian police stated that 53,310 migrants arrived in Italy in 2022.