Supreme Council of Sheikhs Blames Muslim Brotherhood For Turkish Intervention in Libya


On Wednesday, the Libyan ‘Supreme Council of Sheikhs and Elders’ said that the Muslim Brotherhood organization was the cause of the Turkish intervention in Libya.

In a statement, the Supreme Council declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, saying: “All political parties and civil institutions which came out of the Muslim Brotherhood’s womb have spoiled the Libyan political scene”.

It rejected any dialogue or negotiation with the group, adding that they do not respect their signed covenants and commitments. The Tribal Council also warned against the Brotherhood’s attempts to deceive the Libyan tribesmen on the pretext of building a civil and democratic state.

It called on Libyan tribes to prevent their sons from joining the organization and all its affiliated political, civil and military institutions.

It also called on the Administrative Control Authority, Audit Bureau, Public Prosecutor, Military Prosecutor, and all judicial bodies to legally pursue all Muslim Brotherhood members and bring them to justice for stealing state funds.