Al-Nathouri Discusses Military Cooperation with France


The eastern-based Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Chief of Staff, General Abdel-Raziq Al-Nathouri held a meeting with the military attaché of the French Embassy in Libya, and his accompanying delegation.

They discussed various issues related to the development of the Libyan military institution, with a particular focus on training and bilateral visits.

The meeting was “an opportunity for both sides to exchange views and ideas on how to enhance the capabilities of the Libyan Armed Forces, and strengthen their cooperation with the French military,” the LNA said in a statement.

The meeting was attended by several high-ranking officials, including General Mohammed Al-Manfour, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Brigadier General Shuaib Al-Saber, Chief of Staff of the Navy, and Colonel Murad Al-Saber, Director of the Office of the Chief of Staff.

In April, Al-Nathouri stressed that “there is no room for tribal, partisan, and political affiliations inside the military institution. The military is one of the most important pillars of the state, and recognizes the Libyan identity of all citizens.”

These remarks came in a speech during his meeting with his counterpart from the western region, General Mohamed Al-Haddad in Benghazi.

He added that military leaders, “no matter how divergent both sides’ views, are capable of achieving rapprochement and bridging the gap as soon as possible.” He reiterated his commitment to establishing a unified Libyan army.

“The army in Libya’s West, East, and South is far moved from political strife, and will not be a tool for political conflict,” Al-Nathouri confirmed. He added that the LNA “will never be a tool for any political party. We are ready to protect the elections if Libyans agree on it and we are able to do so.”