Libyan Girl Kidnapped by Militia After Facebook Comment

Libyan Girl Kidnapped by Militia After Facebook Comment
Libyan Girl Kidnapped by Militia After Facebook Comment

A video circulated on social media shows a Libyan woman begging armed men not to rape her after she wrote a comment on Facebook criticizing the fragile security situation in the city.

Libyan activists claimed that the video was recorded inside a militia headquarters in Al-Zawiya City, western Libya. The video sparked anger, as it shows militiamen assaulting, beating, and mistreating the girl.

“Please don’t rape me…by God and his Prophet don’t do that,” the victim begged the militiamen, who continue to beat her and strip her clothes.

People called on the government of Abdul-Hamid Dbaiba to move and arrest those responsible. They urged the government to pursue gunmen, outlaws, and drug dealers in the city.

Female activist Umm Osama said, “I wish I had not watched this video. We must not remain silent about what happened. All security services must pursue perpetrators who exploit the absence of the state to commit their crimes.”

Kidnapping and rape are widespread in Libya, due to the lack of security in the country, which is still suffering from the scourge of civil war.

The Dbaiba government controls western Libya, where armed groups are widespread and commit the most heinous crimes against civilians.

Two weeks ago, Al-Zawiya saw a wave of mass protests following the circulation of videos showing Libyan youth being tortured by Africans at a militia headquarters.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, showed scenes of torture, beating, insults, and whipping of a number of youths.

There were reports that one of the victims was killed by the torturers, who have also reportedly kidnapped his brother. Meanwhile, a group of youths blocked the Coastal Road in response.

Angry protesters forced the closure of the valves of the Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery on 28 April. They also gathered in front of the Al-Zawiya Security Directorate, demanding the dismissal of the Security Director, and the expulsion of armed vehicles from the area. As well as declaring civil disobedience, in protest against the spread of crime in the city, according to activists.