UK Ambassador to Libya: Libyans Have Been in A Critical Condition Since 2011


The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Libya, Nicholas Hopton, said that Libya was witnessing disturbing developments at the military level.

He claimed that there were positive indications regarding the peace efforts led by the UN, especially with the resumption of the 5+5 Military Talks in Geneva.

Hopton said that Libya was a very complicated issue and that the Libyan people have been living in critical conditions since the 2011 uprising.

The focus should now be on the international community, in particular the countries that participated in the Berlin Conference and made commitments to support talks between the warring parties.

He added that the challenge facing the international community now was how to support the efforts of the UN and have the opposing sides reach a political solution.

This should be in accordance with the outcomes of the Berlin Conference and the relevant UN resolutions.

Hopton called on all countries involved in Libya to respect the decision to ban the supply of arms to the country and to live up to their obligations with regards to Security Council resolutions.

“In the United Kingdom, we also have a special responsibility to ensure respect for the arms embargo and to complete negotiations between the Libyan parties. This is to achieve a reduction in tensions that leads to a ceasefire and ultimately a political consensus.” he added.