US Officials Discuss Investment in South Libya

US Officials Discuss Investment in South Libya
US Officials Discuss Investment in South Libya

On Saturday, US officials at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) held a meeting to discuss the situation in southern Libya.

“USAID Counselor White, Acting Assistant Administrator Plitt, and Chief Digital Democracy and Rights Officer Zakem discussed U.S. investment in southern Libya with stakeholders, the US Embassy tweeted.

It added that USAID, through the 10-year Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability, is “building upon constructive partnerships and community-level programs that support the Libyan people’s aspirations for stability, accountability, and responsive governance in this underserved region.”

On Monday, the Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Mnifi held talks with the US Ambassador and Special Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, and the US Chargé d’Affairs in Libya, Leslie Ordeman. They discussed a variety of political, economic, and security issues of common concern, as well as ways to secure elections this year.

The meeting touched on the need to “strengthen the national reconciliation project, establish a joint military force to secure the southern borders, and establish national mechanisms to organize public spending priorities and ensure that all Libyan people benefit from oil revenues.”

Ambassador Norland visited Chad and met with President, Mahamat Déby.

The Chadian Presidency stated that the Ambassador’s visit “came as part of Washington’s promises to support Libya’s efforts to establish peace, and turn the page on the war that impeded the development process.”

Addressing the UN Security Council session on Libya on Thursday, the US delegate to the UN Security Council said that promoting accountability in Libya will go a long way towards addressing the chronic instability Libya continues to face, including the mobilization of armed groups.

Addressing the UN Security Council session on Libya, the US diplomat said that “human rights violations and abuses will continue unless meaningful steps are taken in this regard.”

He also called for the “withdrawal of all armed groups and mercenaries from Libya without further delay, which is considered a critical step toward peace and stability.”

The US Ambassador stressed that the US “remains deeply concerned about the fate of migrants, including women and children who have experienced sexual violence, and who continue to be subjected to abuse.”

He urged the Libyan authorities to “take credible measures to dismantle the trafficking and smuggling routes.”

“We are encouraged by progress on ICC discussions with Libyan authorities to enhance the long-term presence of ICC staff, including by opening a liaison office in Libya, as a key means to enhance cooperation with national authorities and victims,” he stated.

However, he called on Libyan authorities “to do more to support and advance accountability efforts, and to enhance cooperation with the ICC, including in ensuring that those subject to arrest warrants face justice as soon as possible.”