Libyana Telecommunications Company Hacked


The Libyana Company, one of the largest Libyan companies in the field of telecommunications and mobile phones, was subjected to a hack, where the confidential personal data of customers was stolen.

It started with a collective complaint by citizens, after their Facebook accounts were hacked using a verification code. They accused the company of enabling third party to access (code message).

The “Hackmank” website said that the hackers seized company data related to financial and accounting documents, personal information, passport data, databases, auditors’ reports, strategic information, marketing data, non-disclosure documents (NDA) and contracts – RND. As well as a record of correspondence and conversations with the company’s management.

The website added that the hackers managed to penetrate the Libyana website, taking advantage of many weaknesses in the protection system of the company.

Despite the company’s attempts to hide the crisis, it later issued a statement explaining the situation from its point of view. Libyana denied that its data was hacked, confirming that its system is operating normally. It stressed that “there is no breach regarding the company’s data and the system is operating normally.”

In fact, according to the website and the complaints of citizens, Libyana, and the wider communications system in Libya, suffer severely from weaknesses in the field of cybersecurity and face fierce attacks.