Eastern-Based Education Ministry Allocates Shelters for IDPs


The Ministry of Education of the Libyan Interim Government contributes to the role played by the Libyan National Army (LNA) in its war to gain full control of the country and achieve national sovereignty.

The Ministry began to support the people of western Libya by transforming a number of educational facilities into temporary housing for internally displaced persons (IDPs) until they return to their cities.

The following schools were allocated according to the municipalities:

Education Control, Gulf of Sidra, phone number 0913810267
February 17 Martyrs School
Sakina Bint Al Hussain School
Education Control, Ijdabia, Tel No. 0923380598
Ajdabiya Martyrs School
Damour Martyrs School
Al-Qadisiyah School
Attia Al-Kasih School
Hedaya School
Umm Al-Qura School
Nour al-Maaref School
Al-Nahda School
Zaid bin Thabit School
Al-Wahda School
Education Monitor, Shahat municipality, phone number 0924814176 or 0922632781
Suleiman Khater School
Al-Oruba School in Shehat
Sousse High School
School Faraj Boumdallah Sousse
Education Control Benina phone number 0915482905
Education Control, Benghazi, Tel: 0919901800, 0928003083 and 0923533231
Al Shaimaa School
Aqeela Martyrs School
Al-Hassan Bin Al-Haytham School
Al-Montaser School
Al-Salmani Martyrs School
Tahrir School
Omar bin Al-Aas School
Al-Mujahid School
Al-Oruba School
Seville School for Basic Education
Youssef Boker School
Tiba School
Khalid bin Al Waleed School
Cordoba School
Hawari Martyrs School
Mrs. Sumaya School
Al-Khansa school
National Unity School
Al-Nour School
Amatiqa School
Manaber Knowlege School
Shahirat Al Islam School
Al-Magd School
Saqr Quraish School
Revolution Youth School
Education Monitor in Al-Baidha Phone No. 0925802673
Jamal Abdul Nasser School
Ain Jalout School
Ali bin Abi Talib School
Shoula School
Abdullah bin Abbas School

The Ministry will announce the rest of the schools in its future educational inspections.