Libyan MPs Calls For Emergency Meeting to Activate Cairo Initiative for Libya


Several Libyan parliamentarians called for an emergency session with foreign ministers in the Arab League Council to discuss and activate the conditions of the Cairo initiative that calls for resolving the Libyan crisis.

They considered the initiative to be a fundamental declaration laying the foundations of Libya’s next political stage.

The Cairo initiative respects international decisions related to the country’s unity and calls on all parties to the conflict to commit to a ceasefire starting June 8.

Libyan Member of Parliament Ali Al-Saeedi described the initiative presented by the Egyptian presidency as a step forward and said that it would save the country because it includes a solution to all obstacles Libya has faced during the past nine years.

He added that it includes a smooth political process monitored by the international community and protected by Libyan law, away from the chaos of armed groups.

Al-Saeedi emphasized that if Turkey and the Government of National Accord rejected the initiative, the parliament would allow the army to strike Turkish interests in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

“An effort must be made to protect Libya and neighbouring countries from Turkish interference so that Libya does not become like Afghanistan,” he noted.

One of the notables of the city of Sebha, Salem al-Hudayri, said that the Egyptian initiative aims to end the crisis without prejudice to any party and gives eligibility to the LNA to fight mercenaries and extremist organisations.

He stressed that rejecting this initiative will prolong the crisis in Libya.

Former diplomats and Egyptian parliamentarians appreciated President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s initiative to solve the crisis in Libya, which is known as the “Cairo Declaration.”