Arab Parliament Urges Libyan Parties to Expedite Consensus on Elections

Arab Parliament Urges Libyan Parties to Expedite Consensus on Elections
Arab Parliament Urges Libyan Parties to Expedite Consensus on Elections

The Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel Abdulrahman Al-Asoumi held a meeting with Abdulmuttalib Thabit, Libya’s permanent representative to the Arab League, on Sunday.

The Speaker took the opportunity to reiterate the Arab Parliament’s “steadfast support for Libyan unity,” emphasizing the “importance of respecting its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.” He also categorically denounced any foreign intervention in Libyan internal matters.

The Speaker expressed his trust in the Libyan parties’ ability to “prioritise their nation’s best interests.” This prioritisation is seen as a critical element for the realisation of the Libyan citizens’ hopes for a peaceful, stable, and prosperous nation.

During the meeting, Al-Asoumi stressed the need for a nationwide agreement, regarding the upcoming Presidential and legislative elections. He highlighted that “these democratic processes are crucial for establishing a secure, stable, and development-oriented Libya.”

On his part, the Libyan Ambassador applauded the Arab Parliament’s support for Libya in various regional and global forums. Thabit also shared his expectations for enhanced coordination and cooperation between Libya and the Arab Parliament moving forward.

Libya has been grappling with political instability and violence since the ousting of its long-time leader, Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011. The power vacuum has led to a division between rival administrations in the east and the west of the country, each supported by different militias and foreign entities.

The impending elections present a significant opportunity in Libya’s tumultuous history, providing a potential democratic path to resolving the ongoing crisis. If successful, these elections could mark a meaningful step towards unifying Libya’s divided political environment.

The Arab Parliament’s appeal is an endorsement of these elections and an urging for the Libyan factions to rapidly reach a consensus. Their collaboration is of the utmost importance to ensure peaceful, and effective elections that can lay the groundwork for future stability and development in Libya.