Libya’s Amazigh Council Rejects Outcomes of 6+6 Joint Committee


The Supreme Council of Libya’s Amazigh has publicly rejected the ongoing dialogue in its various forms, most recently the outcomes of the 6+6 Joint Committee.

In a statement, the council noted that “all parties involved, persist in marginalizing the Amazigh and their representation in the Parliament and Senate.” It further emphasized that “at all previous stages, the parties have insisted on depriving the Amazigh component of sovereign positions, or being a significant part in the formation of the Presidential Council and the governments emanating from it.”

The council declared its “refusal to accept policies of procrastination and marginalisation, and wholly rejects all political outcomes unless they are a part of them.”

It held the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), “fully responsible for the country’s current state and whatever happens subsequently. We will resort to all means used by people to gain our rights in the past and present, and all means that lead to this are considered legitimate.”

The Council called for the “return of the Libyan issue to the UN General Assembly, as the mission and member countries in the Security Council have proven their failure due to their continued conflicts for their own interests.”

Notably, the 6+6 Committee approved the electoral laws, which have been subject to dispute. It agreed to allow dual nationals to run for the Presidency in the first round, provided that the candidate submits proof that they have renounced their second nationality to enter the second round of voting, according to local media.

The Committee announced that it had finished agreeing on the electoral laws, without the participation of the Speaker of Parliament and the HCS, as was planned.

Regarding the candidacy of military personnel, the law states that a candidate is considered to have resigned from his position “by the force of law,” after accepting his candidacy, and it is also required that they not be convicted of a felony.