Libyan Activists Protest Hannibal Gaddafi’s Case

Libyan Activists Protest Hannibal Gaddafi’s Case
Libyan Activists Protest Hannibal Gaddafi’s Case

Libyan social figures, tribal representatives, and cities have threatened to close the Lebanese Embassy in Libya and use the tactics of the militia, the Amal Movement, if a fair solution is not found for Hannibal Gaddafi’s case within one week from Saturday, June 17th, 2023.

These entities have expressed deep concern about the health and legal status of the Libyan citizen Hannibal Moammar Gaddafi, who has been forcibly and unjustly detained in the prisons of the Lebanese Amal Movement militia for eight years.

A statement issued on Saturday evening in Al Bayda city, East of Libya, declared that the abduction and forced detention of Hannibal Moammar Gaddafi was not only an insult to his dignity but also a grievous affront to all Libyans, which they will not accept. They also assert that the pretext used for his abduction and detention for all these years is baseless and contradicts logic, laws, religious principles, and customs.

The case has garnered the support of all Libyans, despite their diverse political views, standing united in support of their compatriot Hannibal Moammar Gaddafi. The rights activists and human rights defenders worldwide also join them in solidarity.

The statement elaborated that after eight years of wrongful and oppressive forced detention and having exhausted all legal means and friendly endeavors, it is clear that the Amal Movement militia, led by Nabih Berri, has no intention of ending the detention of the Libyan citizen. The only course left for Libyans to preserve their dignity and secure the release of their citizen is to bring lawsuits before international courts and seek the issuance of red notices for those who abducted Hannibal Moammar Gaddafi from Syria, detained him in Lebanon and tortured him. The persons involved are: Nabih Berri, Hassan Mohammed Yacoub, Ali Mohammed Yacoub, Salim Mohammed Mahmoud, Zein Ali Hassan Qassem, Wisam Ali Al-Moussawi, and Hussein Mohammed Yacoub.

Additionally, they pointed out the collusion of some judges with the Amal Movement militia, who will be pursued through international justice, including Judge Hassan Al-Shami, Investigating Judge Zaher Hamade, Attorney General Ghassan Oweidat, and President of the Supreme Judicial Council Suhail Abboud.

The Libyan social figures, tribes, cities, and national powers, in their statement’s conclusion, demanded the immediate release of the Libyan citizen Hannibal Moammar Gaddafi, unconditionally, to avoid further escalation and deterioration of relations between the two countries. They made said that if a solution is not reached within a week from today, they will call on the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) and local authorities to close the Lebanese Embassy in Tripoli and all options will be open to them to secure the release of their citizen from the grips of injustice, even resorting to the same methods used against them, with a hope that it will not come to that.