Libyan Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Discusses Ceasefire With EU Delegation


The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR), Yousef Al-Agouri, emphasized the need for an immediate ceasefire, and a return to political dialogue. This is to ensure that the situation in the country does not worsen and become a safe place for extremists threatening the stability of the entire region.
This came during Al-Agouri’s talks with the Head of the EU Delegation, Alan Bugeja.

The two men discussed recent political developments in Libya, it’s conflict, among with the migrant crisis and the EU’s Operation ‘IRINI’.
The Chairman stressed the need to support the initiative called for by the, Speaker of the House, Aqeela Saleh.
Bugeja emphasized the necessity of working towards a permanent ceasefire, and rejecting all forms of foreign interference in Libya. He noted the importance of adhering to the results of the Berlin Conference qas a basis for the political discussions. Bugeja reiterated the EU’s full support to the Libyan authorities, in dealing with the migrant crisis.