Merkel Praises El-Sisi’s Diplomatic Efforts To End Libyan Crisis


On Monday, the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, exchanged views on the developments in Libya, given the announcement of the Cairo Declaration Initiative.
“During a phone call, the German Chancellor welcomed the Egyptian initiative, and praised Egypt’s contructive efforts to settle the Libyan crisis” said Presidential Spokesman Ambassador Bassam Rady.

Merkel believed that the Cairo Declaration was an extension of the Berlin Conference, by adding new effective elements and dimensions to the political process.
The spokesman stated that El-Sisi, and Merkel also discussed bilateral relations, especially those of military, trade, and strengthening cooperation on combating the global COVID-19 pandemic.

On Saturday, El-Sisi received Libyan Parliament Speaker, Ageela Saleh and Libyan National Army Commander, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in Cairo. He then announced an initiative to bring an end to the conflict.
The Cairo Declaration emphasizes the unity, integrity, and independence of Libya, by respecting all international efforts, initiatives, and relevant Security Council resolutions.
It calls for all parties to commit to a ceasefire beginning on the 8th of June.