Libya’s Arabian Gulf Company Controls Two Leaks in Al-Bayda Oil Field

Libya's Arabian Gulf Company Controls Two Leaks in Al-Bayda Oil Field
Libya's Arabian Gulf Company Controls Two Leaks in Al-Bayda Oil Field

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced that it has successfully controlled two leaks, in the 10-inch diameter flow line at the Bayda oil field, eastern Libya.

The company confirmed that it has deployed “all available resources and equipment to address any incidents that may occur in its fields and oil sites.”

AGOCO said the leaks were repaired in accordance with the direct and continuous instructions of Mohamed Bin Shatwan, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Gulf Arab Oil Company.

“A report was received on Thursday morning by the safety and fire unit supervisor and the industrial security supervisor at the Bayda oil field, from the maintenance coordinator and the operations coordinator about two leaks in the 10-inch diameter flow line,” the statement said.

“Fire crews immediately responded to take all safety measures, and secure the site to work on repairing the leak by isolating the incident area.”

“After several hours of continuous work, the pipeline maintenance team was able to repair the leaks, and the valves were reopened by the operations coordinator.”

The Company confirmed that the line was “returned to operation and it was ensured that there were no further leaks to continue the pumping process to maintain production rates.”

Notably, AGOCO announced the resumption of work by Canadian company, Burza, in the Nafoura oil field.

In a statement on Sunday, the company explained that Bin Shatwan received Andre Desjardins and Mohamed Mansour, representatives of Burza.

The statement added that this move comes “as part of the plan developed by the management committee to restore the confidence of contractors, and encourage them to resume their activities at various sites.”

The two sides discussed obstacles facing the Canadian firm, and ways to overcome them. As well as providing the necessary assistance to carry out the mechanical overhaul work, and develop the control system for gas compressors at Station 3.

The statement explained that “the maintenance coordinator, along with representatives from Burza, visited the site to identify deficiencies, and inventory spare parts and materials so that work can be resumed as soon as possible.”

The statement concluded that “this will provide 15 million cubic feet of compressed gas, which will contribute to increasing production rates at the field.”