Libya Exports 37,000 Tons of Steel to Italy & Germany


On Monday, the Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO), one of North Africa’s biggest steelmakers, announced that it had exported 37,000 tons of steel to Italy and Germany.

The company stated that the ship “S.Nibton” left the company’s port on Sunday loaded with more than 27,000 tons of Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI), and was headed for Germany.

The company also explained that the ship “Immensity” entered the company’s port on Monday evening, to ship more than 10,000 tons of HBI to Italy.

The company confirmed that it has “become the focus of attention of several countries across the globe, due to the quality of its steel products and smooth handling.”

The company pointed out that “this is due to the great efforts made by all its employees, which enabled them to reserve a prestigious position among the major concerned companies.”

In February, LISCO exported 17,500 tons of reinforcing steel to Albania, as part of a 100,000+ ton worldwide export plan.

LISCO’s Spokesman, Mahmoud Al-Khamaria confirmed that “this is not the first time that iron products have been exported to several countries in the world – with Albania being an export destination over the previous years.”

He confirmed that over several years LISCO has exported to 38 countries, as part of its marketing plan since 1989.

Al-Khamaria pointed out that LISCO products are “not exported, except after obtaining the necessary approvals from the competent sovereign authorities. Exports are only permitted after the local market for reinforcing iron, in particular, has been satisfied and local prices stabilized. This is what actually happened regarding the export of this quantity to Albania.”