Spanish Ambassador Optimistic about Return of Visa Services in Libya


On Monday, the Spanish Ambassador to Libya, Javier García-Larrache said he hopes that visa services in Tripoli, will resume after the summer.

In an interview with “Eldqtisadiya” newspaper, the Spanish Ambassador added that the “re-issuance of travel visas for Libyans is likely to happen in October.”

He noted that the return of Spanish airlines to Libya would take some time, “but there is intensive cooperation between Libya and Spain.”

Javier Larche emphasized the ongoing cooperation in the aviation sector between Libya and Spain. As well as highlighting the efforts to enhance air navigation and facilitate smoother travel experiences for passengers.

While the timeline for the return of Spanish airlines to Libya remains uncertain, the Ambassador’s positive outlook reflects the commitment to rebuilding connections, and fostering closer ties with Libya.

Last month, Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade, Suhail Boushiha held discussions with Alicia Varela, the General Director of Spanish Foreign Trade and Investment, regarding the return of Spanish companies to Libya and the enhancement of bilateral trade.

Boushiha confirmed the exemption of Spanish companies from previous fees incurred during their pause of operations in Libya. This is a move to incentivize them to resume investments across various sectors.

Boushiha further urged the Spanish side to form partnerships with the local private sector and to organize joint economic events. He emphasized the necessity of facilitating all measures for Libyan businessmen interested in investing in Spain.

In response, Varela expressed the desire of Spanish companies to strengthen their business relations with the private sector in Libya.

In March, Larrache announced the return of more than 30 Spanish companies to Libya. He added that this comes within the framework of the Spanish government’s desire to build economic and trade relations with Libya.

During his meeting with the Libyan Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohamed Al-Hwaij, Larrache drew attention to the Embassy’s work in facilitating the granting of visas to businessmen.

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