EU Says Turkey Violating Arms Embargo on Libya


On Thursday, the European Union announced that a number of Turkish frigates boycotted the inspection of a ship that is believed to have been carrying weapons to Libya.

The EU added that Turkey continues to violate the UN arms embargo on Libya.

According to several reports on Wednesday, two Turkish frigates were sighted escorting a cargo ship that was suspected of carrying weapons en route to Libya.

“The EU is concerned about Turkish moves and sees it as a threat to its security,” said the Al-Arabiya TV channel correspondent in Brussels.

Earlier, the European Union criticised Turkey for threatening the interests of Cyprus and Greece.

Greece formally requested the inclusion of “Turkey’s behavior in the region” on the agenda of the EU Foreign Ministers meeting on Monday.

According to Al-Arabiya, the EU is discussing on whether to implement sanctions against Turkey, for its aggressive behaviour in the Mediterranean sea.