Tunisia Reiterates Rejection of Foreign Interference in Libya


On Thursday, Tunisian Defense Minister Imed Hazgui reiterated his country’s rejection of foreign interference in Libya. He denied the deployment of any kind of foreign military presence on Tunisian soil.

In press statements, Hazgui stated that political dialogue was the only way out of the Libyan crisis, arguing that a military solution to the crisis was not an option.

The Minister said Tunisia’s official position on the Libyan crisis was clear and that Tunisian President Qais Saeed had repeatedly rejected any form of foreign interference in Libya.

“Tunisia backs any political initiative that could lead to the settlement of the crisis in Libya, a country torn apart by war for more than nine years”, he said. He also stressed that Tunisia had repeatedly refused foreign requests of setting up a military base on Tunisian soil to conduct operations in Libya.

“Tunisia is still categorically opposing the establishment of a foreign military base on its soil to conduct intelligence and security operations [in Libya],” he said.