Libyan Airlines Resumes Flights from Mitiga Airport

Libyan Airlines Resumes Flights from Mitiga Airport
Libyan Airlines Resumes Flights from Mitiga Airport

On Wednesday, Libyan Airlines announced the resumption of flights to and from Tripoli’s Mitiga International Airport. The decision comes after the airline temporarily rerouted its flights to Misrata, the previous day.

The airline shared the schedule of the resumed flights. Flight LN192 from Mitiga to Istanbul is set to depart at 1:00 PM, while the return flight, LN193, will take off from Istanbul at 6:00 PM Turkish local time. Additionally, flight LN210 is scheduled to leave Mitiga for Alexandria at 4:00 PM local time. Its return counterpart, flight LN211, is set to depart from Alexandria at 12:30 PM Cairo time, according to the information provided by Libyan Airlines.

It’s worth noting that on Tuesday, Libyan Airlines rerouted two scheduled flights between Cairo and Tripoli. Initially, the airline had announced the cancellation of these flights, but later opted to redirect them to Misrata, due to the conflict and closure of Mitiga Airport.

In the midst of escalating clashes, the Spokesman for the Ambulance and Emergency Service in Tripoli, Osama Ali confirmed that the number of casualties has reached 20, including both civilians and military personnel.

“We have successfully evacuated 26 families thus far, but there are still some families we have been unable to reach due to the intensity of the confrontations,” he told Libya Al-Ahrar newspaper.

The Tripoli branch of the Red Crescent Society has urgently appealed for the establishment of safe passages, to facilitate the rescue of families trapped in conflict areas.

“We call upon all parties involved to de-escalate the situation and reduce tensions, allowing us to carry out our humanitarian work and provide assistance to the stranded civilians. It is crucial to remember that civilians are not targets and must be protected,” they emphasised.

The Spokesman for the Military Medical Corps’ Ambulance and Emergency Unit, Abdulrahman Kablan disclosed that three bodies have been recovered, and nine injured individuals have been treated.

“We urge the conflicting parties to ensure the provision of safe passages to evacuate the trapped families in the conflict zones,” Kablan urged.

The ongoing clashes have raised concerns about the safety of civilians caught in the crossfire. “Immediate action is crucial to prevent further harm, and secure the necessary assistance for those affected.”

Violent clashes broke out between rival militias on Tuesday in Tripoli, with the use of heavy weaponry. Intermittent sounds of clashes were heard in several neighborhoods, particularly in Ain Zara, Tarik Al-Shok, and Al-Hadaba Al-Khadra.

The clashes erupted following the arrest of Mahmoud Hamza, the commander of the 444th Brigade, by the Special Deterrence Force (SDF) at Mitiga Airport. Hamza was en route to Misrata to attend a military parade, alongside the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba.