Arab League Concerned over Violence in Libyan Capital


The Arab League has voiced profound concerns regarding the recent armed clashes that rocked the capital of Libya, Tripoli. This comes at a time when the political situation in the country remains volatile and uncertain.

In a statement, it called for an immediate cessation of the violent acts, which have significantly disrupted the relative stability that Tripoli had experienced over the past few months. Such disruptions further emphasize the pressing need for measures that restore peace and normalcy.

The statement strongly urged all Libyan authorities to “take effective steps towards reestablishing security across the affected areas. Furthermore, these clashes underscore the urgency for unifying the nation’s institutions and swiftly concluding the transitional process.”

Notably, the Libyan Parliament has issued a strong condemnation against the escalating violent clashes in Tripoli. It claimed that the “confrontations have jeopardized the lives and properties of innocent civilians.”

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Parliament urged all involved parties to “immediately halt the hostilities and to embrace dialogue.” It emphasized the necessity of establishing safe corridors to ensure the safety, and free movement of citizens.

The House placed the legal, moral, and humanitarian responsibility squarely on the government, describing it as “lacking legitimacy.” They also blamed those directly involved, and those aiding and abetting these violent acts, for the chaos and instability engulfing the city and its suburbs.

It called on the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to “take a firm stance against the ongoing turmoil, unchecked arms proliferation, and the direct threats posed to civilians, their properties, and state institutions.” As well as imploring the mission to openly denounce and condemn these crimes.

Furthermore, the statement demanded the immediate release of the General Director of the Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC), who has been mysteriously abducted.

Lastly, the Parliament has called on the Ministry of Health, medical teams, and the Libyan Red Crescent to “step in and provide vital medical and humanitarian assistance to those trapped in conflict zones, and facilitate their safe evacuation.”