“The Arab League Reiterates Its Rejection of Turkish Interference in Libya”


The Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, Hossam Zaki, said that the Turkish intervention in Libya retains major question marks, and that it has been subjected to widespread Arab criticism, thus categorically denying the reports that the Arab League changed its position on the subject.

In press statements on Thursday, Zaki indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood movement and those who support the Turkish intervention in Libya, have cut out his statements on the Government of National Accord and removed such statements from their context, claiming that the Arab League had changed its position.

Zaki Stressed that the position of the Arab League is governed by the decisions of its member states, what it says and what it has always said stems from these decisions, indicating that there is a clear decision from the Arab Foreign Ministers Council that rejects and condemns Turkish interference in Libya and the recruitment of foreign fighters in the country.