Romania Sends Aid to Flood-Hit Libya

Romania Sends Aid to Flood-Hit Libya
Romania Sends Aid to Flood-Hit Libya

In a commendable gesture of solidarity, the Romanian Defence Ministry announced the dispatch of its first plane loaded with humanitarian aid, to flood-stricken Libya on Saturday evening.

The Romanian Air Force’s C-130 Hercules aircraft embarked on its journey to Benghazi, carrying the initial batch of assistance. This marks the beginning of a concerted effort by the Romanian Air Force, which plans to operate six flights, transporting an impressive 55 tons of aid to Libya. The crucial supplies encompass foodstuffs, tents, and other essential provisions.

The devastating floods, resulted from the fierce Hurricane, Daniel, which hit the nation on 10 September, wreaking havoc on the city of Derna’s infrastructure. The aftermath is grim, with the death toll from the floods in eastern Libya surpassing 11,000, and an estimated 20,000 reported missing.

Romania’s proactive involvement underscores the international community’s commitment to extending support, in such trying times. The city’s restoration and aid to its residents remain pivotal, as Libya navigates this challenging period.

On Saturday, Malta’s Civil Protection Department announced that a rescue team sent to Libya has uncovered hundreds of bodies, on the shores of the flood-stricken city of Derna.

Natalino Bugeja, who heads the Maltese team, shared with the Times of Malta that the number could potentially be around 400, although a precise count remains challenging due to the scale of the tragedy.

Malta had dispatched a sizeable rescue team comprising 72 personnel, including members from both the army and the Civil Protection Department. This is to aid in the ongoing relief efforts.

The discovery began with a team of four people stumbling upon seven bodies, among which were three children, within a seaside cave. Further exploration led to the more extensive and shocking find, where a nearby bay was littered with debris and several hundred bodies.

The devastating floods are believed to have swept these victims out to sea. The relentless rains from storm Daniel caused two dams to collapse, which consequently inundated nearly a quarter of the coastal city with water.

Bugeja reported to Maltese media outlets that a smaller Civil Protection team happened upon the partially submerged cave, leading to the initial discovery of bodies. As the search operation continued, Libyan boats, also searching for victims and survivors, joined them. It was during this combined effort that the bay, teeming with wreckage and the overwhelming number of bodies, was identified.