Egypt Deploys Rescue Aircraft to Libya

Egypt Deploys Rescue Aircraft to Libya
Egypt Deploys Rescue Aircraft to Libya

The Egyptian Ministry of Defence stated that it has deployed search and rescue aircraft, to help the rescue operation in eastern Libya.

The aircrafts will search for bodies, and rescue the injured in the devastated areas affected by the recent floods in the city of Derna.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ministry noted that this effort, “is in line with the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to support Libya.”

It added that the Egyptian Armed Forces have established the Egyptian Relief Camp in Murtubah, near Derna. The camp aims to alleviate the suffering of victims, and provide them with comprehensive medical and humanitarian care.

Additionally, the Egyptian Armed Forces have provided urgent humanitarian assistance and means of sustenance in several difficult-to-reach areas.

Notably, the Executive Director of the Egyptian Red Crescent, Rami Al-Nazir announced that large quantities of relief and food supplies were dispatched from Egypt to both Morocco and Libya. This move came in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco, and the floods experienced in eastern Libya.

In his statements to the press, Al-Nazir mentioned, “We have prepared more than 100 tons of relief materials for Morocco, and sent another 90 tons to Libya.”

He further elaborated, “Initially, coordination was established with the Red Crescent associations in both countries, under the auspices of Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity. In collaboration with the Egyptian Armed Forces and other state apparatuses, we worked on providing tents, blankets, sanitation tools, dry foods, medicines, and more.”

This initiative emphasizes Egypt’s commitment to aiding its regional neighbours in times of distress, leveraging its resources and networks to ensure timely assistance

El-Sisi instructed the deployment of the aircraft carrier “Mistral” to function as a field hospital in Libya.

He personally inspected the support equipment, relief aid, and humanitarian assistance that are being prepared to be sent to Libya.