Libyan Parliament Says Turkey’s Intervention Seeks To Turn Libya Into Regional Warzone


The Libyan House of Representatives (HOR) has said that Turkey’s intervention in Libya seeks to turn the country into a regional war zone.

It called on the international community to stop Turkish interference in the country, adding that the situation would spell catastrophe for Europe.

The HOR praised France’s position on Turkey’s intervention in Libya. On Sunday, Paris described the intervention as “unacceptable” and asserted that “France cannot allow this,” according to an official statement issued by the Elysee Palace.

France, which has been intensifying its criticism of Turkish regional ambitions, said that it noticed “a more aggressive and hardening policy by Turkey with the deployment of seven ships off Libya and the violation of the arms embargo”.

“Turks are behaving in an unacceptable way by using NATO, and France cannot allow this.” the French Presidency said.

It stressed that President Emmanuel Macron discussed this matter during the past week with his U.S. President Donald Trump, “and will hold discussions, especially in the coming weeks, with NATO partners involved in the field”.