Liquor Factory Seized in Benghazi

Liquor Factory Seized in Benghazi
Liquor Factory Seized in Benghazi

Today, the Qawarsha Police Centre in Benghazi apprehended a local liquor manufacturing unit during its routine patrol.

The operation was part of a plan orchestrated by the Qawarsha Police Center’s Head, Brigadier Salem Boufaris, to arrest offenders and those wanted by the judiciary.

While patrolling under the command of Lieutenant Idris Al-Saaiti, officers detected a strong foul odor resembling that of alcoholic substances. The source was traced to an empty plot of land where 40 barrels were found containing remnants of alcoholic materials.

These barrels were seized and transferred to the police station, with an official record of the incident being initiated. The search for the landowner continues.

In August, a local Libyan fisherman made an alarming discovery on Sunday, finding several tightly sealed rubber bags that he suspected contained illicit drugs. The Sabratha Criminal Investigation Department was notified, where they seized and secured over 25 kilograms of cocaine, taking all necessary legal actions and notifying the Public Prosecution.

In light of this discovery, the Ministry of Interior took the opportunity to stress the critical role of citizens in achieving police objectives.

The Ministry emphasised that the citizen’s role in ensuring security and safety is just as vital as that of law enforcement officers. This mutual awareness fosters a robust community relationship, and strengthens the bond between the public and security agencies.

In June, the Libyan Intelligence Services in Benghazi announced the seizure of 25 kilograms of cocaine, on a beach.

The agency said that it had issued a report to the Narcotics Control Office.

The statement added that, “there exists a major scheme from abroad, supported by weak-minded people inside the country to target young people, by promoting this large amount of drugs.”

In March, a large shipment of narcotic pills was seized at the Benghazi seaport. The smugglers attempted to conceal them inside imported cars, on a ship arriving from France, according to the media division of the Libyan National Army (LNA).