French Ship Subjected To “Aggressive Action” By Turkish Boats in Mediterranean


On Wednesday, the French Ministry of Defense announced that a French ship participating in a NATO mission in the Mediterranean was recently subjected to “very aggressive action” by Turkish boats. They protested the “extremely dangerous” issue with Ankara, a member of the alliance.

The Ministry said that the French ship was subjected to three flashes of radar radiation from one of the Turkish boats, considering it “a very aggressive action that could not be from an ally acting towards a ship belonging to NATO”.

This comes at a time when defense ministers in NATO countries are holding a meeting on Wednesday, according to AFP.

Reuters news agency also quoted a French Ministry of Defence official saying that NATO “should not bury its head in the sand”, in regards to Turkey’s recent behavior towards its allies.

The French official accused Turkey’s navy of harassing a French warship carrying out a mission for the alliance.

A senior Turkish official denied the accusation, saying “no such thing” had occurred.