UNICEF Provides Supplies to 8,000 Children in East Libya

UNICEF Provides Supplies to 8,000 Children in East Libya
UNICEF Provides Supplies to 8,000 Children in East Libya

On Sunday, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced that it has provided 200 equipped school bags to 72 schools, benefiting 8,000 children in Libya.

This response was prompted by the devastating storm Daniel, which struck the eastern part of the country.

UNICEF emphasised that “education is a lifeline for children in emergencies,” reaffirming that “access to high-quality education is the key to their bright future.”

Earlier this month, UNICEF announced the beginning of rehabilitation efforts for 11 schools, in the cities of Al-Bayda and Shahat, eastern Libya. This aims to assist in returning students from Derna, to their educational institutions.

In a statement issued, UNICEF highlighted its ongoing work to ensure the safe return of children to school, and the resumption of their education, particularly in the aftermath of the recent deadly floods.

The statement also pointed out that a rapid assessment of the schools affected by the floods has begun the process of cleaning and rehabilitation. These efforts are intended to support the Ministry of Education in reopening these schools, for the start of the academic year in Derna.

UNICEF further indicated its commitment to providing essential classroom furniture, including student and teacher desks, as well as replacement whiteboards for those damaged by the floods.

The Libyan Education Department in Derna has confirmed that approximately 300 teachers were victims of the devastating floods that struck the city last month.

In his press statement, the Libyan Parliament-designated Prime Minister, Osama Hammad stated, “We have initiated the process of identifying the teachers who lost their lives in the disaster, and ascertaining their areas of expertise to address the shortage of teachers in coordination with the Ministry.”

He added that damaged schools are currently undergoing repairs, and students have been relocated to the nearest available facilities.

“Derna’s Education Department serves a student population of 42,239 attending 73 educational institutions, 18 of which suffered damage due to the floods. According to the latest Ministry statistics, the total count of affected schools in the disaster-stricken areas amounts to 114, spread across 15 municipalities, impacting a student body of 189,157.”

On 10 September, eastern Libya experienced intense flooding that swept away entire neighbourhoods, leading to thousands of deaths and disappearances. Homes were submerged, and significant infrastructure damage was observed due to the Mediterranean storm, Daniel.