Supreme Coronavirus Committee Warns of Virus Outbreak Throughout Libya


Libya’s ‘Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus’ warned of a possible outbreak of the
virus in a number of Libyan cities and regions.

It suggested that this was a result of citizens’ reluctance to abide by precautionary and preventative measures set by the Committee, to curb the spread of the virus in Libya.

In a press conference, the Chairman of the Committee, Lieutenant General Abdel-Razek
Al-Nathouri, said that the Committee was unable to enforce citizens’ lack of commitment to the precautionary measures set by the government.

Al-Nathouri warned that the danger was imminent, especially in light of the rapid increase in the number of infected cases.

He pointed out that the Committee continued to monitor the number of positive cases in the
country and that thirteen new cases had been registered in eastern Libya.

The Interior Minister for the Interim Government, Ibrahim Bouchnaf, claimed that an infected case returning from the south had been in contact with about 200 citizens in Benghazi.

He pointed out that the Committee repatriated 12,000 citizens, who were stranded abroad. It conducted the necessary medical tests and mandatory quarantine procedures for all returnees.