Libyan Minister Proposes Air & Sea Trade Routes with Morocco

Libyan Minister Proposes Air & Sea Trade Routes with Morocco
Libyan Minister Proposes Air & Sea Trade Routes with Morocco

Libyan Minister of Economy, Mohamed Al-Hwaij called for the opening of air and sea routes between Tripoli and Tangier, to facilitate the movement of intra-regional trade.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the route aims to ease bilateral trade, and strengthen economic cooperation.

The proposal was made during a meeting with Tangier’s Mayor, Munir Lemouri on the sidelines of the Moroccan-Libyan Business Forum.

They discussed promoting economic ties, and knowledge sharing between businesses.

Al-Hwaij acknowledged Morocco’s role in stabilizing Libya. He highlighted the need to encourage investors to cooperate in establishing projects, noting that this will “create job opportunities for young people, and contribute to moving the wheel of the economy, trade, and industry.”

In June, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry announced the reopening of its Consulate in Tripoli. The Ministry stated that the step “comes given to the large presence of the Moroccan community in Libya.”

Notably, the Moroccan Consulate in Benghazi is set to begin offering services to Moroccan nationals in the New Year.

Diplomatic sources in Libya told Hespress news website that “the Moroccan Consul General in the city of Benghazi, Said Benkirane, received on 17 September the Libyan Foreign Minister in the Parliament-designated government, Abdel-Hadi Al-Hwaij.”

The two sides discussed strengthening bilateral relations, and diplomatic cooperation at all levels.

The Moroccan expatriate community in Libya has repeatedly requested the Moroccan authorities to expedite the opening of its consulates, in both Benghazi and Tripoli.

These demands have resurfaced in the wake of recent floods that devastated the eastern part of Libya. As a result, some Moroccans have lost their identification documents.