Libyan Army Rescues Chinese Hostage in South Region

Libyan Army Rescues Chinese Hostage in Sout Region
Libyan Army Rescues Chinese Hostage in Sout Region

A Libyan National Army (LNA) brigade has successfully freed a Chinese national from the hands of a criminal gang, near the southern Libyan border.

The brigade issued a statement confirming a raid on a compound used by a criminal gang, from Chad, Niger, and Sudan. The gang is engaged in robbery, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and extortion.

During the operation, several abductees, including the Chinese national, were rescued. The abducted Chinese citizen has been transferred to the appropriate authorities, as stated in the press release.

In a recorded video message broadcast by Brigade 128, the freed Chinese national recounted his abduction from the desert. He expressed his gratitude to the brigade for rescuing him, after 21 days in captivity and confirmed his well-being.

In August, the LNA conducted a successful operation to free another kidnapped Chinese national. The operation was carried out by a specialized unit of the 128th Brigade. The victim, who had been abducted from Chad in July, was found in a town near Ubari in southern Libya.

In a video released by the Brigade‚Äôs media division, the rescued hostage identified himself as Dou Shoujiang, a 57-year-old man from Henan Province, China. He was abducted from his workplace in the “Green Construction” area in Chad, and then transported to southern Libya.

Shoujiang expressed his deep gratitude to the LNA for his rescue. He confirmed that he was in good health.

Notably, the LNA has launched an extensive and strategic military operation, aimed at securing the southern region bordering Chad.

This operation was launched to clear the area of armed groups, control and secure the borders between the two nations, and combat illegal migration. This was confirmed in a statement by Spokesman, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari.