Traffic Accidents Claim 9,245 Lives in Libya within 5 Years

Traffic Accidents Claim 9,245 Lives in Libya within 5 Years
Traffic Accidents Claim 9,245 Lives in Libya within 5 Years

The Government of National Unity (GNU) revealed that traffic accidents have resulted in the deaths of 9,245 individuals over the past five years.

According to the government’s estimates, severe injuries were recorded, totaling 11,532 between 2018 and 2023. Additionally, the number of damaged vehicles reached 39,218. It also estimated economic losses of about 218 million Libyan dinars.

This alarming data follows a recent half-yearly statistical report from the Ministry of Interior of the GNU, which indicated that over 1,200 Libyans lost their lives in traffic accidents during the first half of the current year.

A fatal accident occurred on Friday in the Zemzem area of Sirte, claiming three lives. The collision, attributed to speed and recklessness, involved a private car and a livestock transport vehicle.

In the first half of 2023, Libya slipped out of the road infrastructure quality ranking with a score of 7/1, according to the latest report from the World Economic Forum (WEF). Morocco topped the North African region with a score of 4.5/7, outperforming Tunisia (3.7), Algeria (3.5), and Mauritania (2.0).

In September, the Health Minister of the Libyan Parliament-designated government, Othman Abdel-Jalil, expressed condolences to Greece, after a rescue team was involved in a deadly car accident, while en route to Derna.

During a press conference, Abdel-Jalil said the Greek team consisted of 19 individuals. He noted that four of the rescuers died, while 15 were injured. Eight of these are stable, while seven remain in critical condition.

They have all been treated and transported to the Specialised Hospital in Benghazi, according to the minister.

In addition to the Greek team, there was a Libyan family of five, with three deaths, and two serious injuries.

“Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families of both the Libyan and Greek victims, who lost their lives,”

In the Middle East region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) led in road infrastructure quality with a score of 6.4, followed by Qatar (5.5), Bahrain (5.1), Saudi Arabia (4.8), and Morocco (4.5). Egypt (3.9), Lebanon (2.7), Yemen (2.3), and Mauritania (2.0) secured lower scores in the ranking.